Our Programs

The Arc of Butler County offers people with developmental disabilities several opportunities to enrich their lives through personal recreation and learning.  Our programs include:

Robert Neubert Assistance Fund – for assistance, including recreation & personal enrichment

Whatever someone needs or likes to do, it probably takes some money to be able to do it.  Sometimes finding the money is a problem for people with developmental disabilities.  The Arc raises funds  and awards money to people with disabilities to help pay for various kinds of personal assistance, including recreation, leisure activity,  and activities that are personally enriching to the applicant.  Here is the form people should use to apply for assistance:

Arc Assistance Request

Annual Family Events

Family Picnic

Held for many Septembers at Camp Campbell Gard near Hamilton, The Arc’s Annual Family Picnic brings together all members of The Arc and its supporters for an autumn Sunday afternoon of fun, food, and fellowship.  There is no cost to attend the picnic, which usually takes place on the second or third Sunday of September each year

Holiday Dinner-Dance

The Arc’s family and friends also gather each year to celebrate the holiday season with a dinner-dance that, for many years, has been held at the Meadowbrook in Ross, OH.  Invitations go to Arc members in October or early November for this eagerly anticipated event that usually occurs on the first or second Sunday of December.

Information for Families

The Arc stays alert to developments in the developmental disabilities service world and has a variety of means to inform families about those developments.  The Arc maintains this web site, has a presence on Facebook, and sponsors occasional information-sessions for families on topics that are crucial to them.